Gravita Protocol Mission Report #4

Gravita Protocol
3 min readOct 4


Embark on a monthly journey with Gravita Protocol where we re-discover some key metrics and updates.

+++ Total Value Locked (TVL) has grown 17.8% to 20,729 ETH — annualized growth of 527%

+++ Open Vessels have grown 4.5% to 575 — annualized growth of 70%

+++ Total Supply has grown 10.9% to 17,189,589 — annualized growth of 174%

+++ Stability Pool Size has grown 20.8% to 5,053,468 — annualized growth of 328%

+++ GRAI Price is now $0.9833, a decrease of 0.07% from the last month.


Gravita, Maverick, zkSync: a great collaboration

Media & Marketing

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  • In a stellar spectacle, MajeStyle, donned in the attire of a Gravita Astronaut, ignites the engines of “Mission Control”.
    With a call resonating through the cosmic corridors, he beckons our brightest constellations — our steadfast supporters — offering them the revered chance to shape the destiny of the Gravita Protocol.

Answer the siren’s call and contribute to Gravita’s cosmic odyssey!

Coming up

  • Dashboard for Gravita Ascend
  • New Mission Control Meetings
  • A new collateral yield-bearing asset class