Unveiling Frax x Gravita: A New Era of DeFi Collaboration

Gravita Protocol
3 min readAug 24


In the dynamic world of DeFi, strategic partnerships between pioneering platforms lead the way for enriched user experiences and novel financial tools. Today, we’re eager to spotlight one such alliance: the integration of sfrxETH into Gravita.

Alliance between FRAX and GRAVITA

Frax: Pioneering the DeFi Landscape

Frax Finance has consistently been a trailblazer in the realm of algorithmic stablecoins. Its distinctive methodology in maintaining a stable peg has drawn considerable attention and adoption within DeFi. But Frax’s ingenuity extends beyond its primary stablecoin. Let’s delve deeper into Frax’s offerings:

  • Dual-Token Mechanism: Frax’s dual-token system, encompassing the FRAX stablecoin and the FRAX Shares (FXS) governance token, facilitates a dynamic collateral ratio, adjusting in response to market dynamics to ensure stability.
  • Community-Driven Governance: Frax entrusts its community with governance power. FXS token holders have the privilege to propose and vote on protocol modifications, ensuring its evolution aligns with user preferences.
  • Collateral Assurance: Frax ingeniously blends algorithmic strategies with collateral backing, offering a fortified defense against market fluctuations.
  • Cutting-Edge Staking Solutions: Frax’s sfrxETH bridges the divide between traditional staking and DeFi, presenting users with innovative avenues to accrue staking rewards.
  • Cross-Chain Vision: Frax’s multi-chain expansion, facilitated by Frax Ferry, ensures users can access its solutions across diverse blockchain ecosystems.
  • Open Ecosystem: Frax’s open protocol ethos encourages integrations and collaborations, nurturing a cooperative DeFi landscape.

Conversely, Gravita emerges as a paradigm of financial innovation within DeFi. Tailoring solutions to optimize capital efficiency around yield-generating assets, Gravita’s growth trajectory has been nothing short of impressive.

The Fusion: sfrxETH & Gravita

Gravita’s embrace of sfrxETH as collateral for GRAI minting underscores its dedication to diversifying its suite and amplifying user advantages. This synergy empowers users to collateralize their sfrxETH assets to mint GRAI, unlocking additional liquidity avenues and potential yield opportunities.

Demystifying sfrxETH:
For the uninitiated, sfrxETH symbolizes Staked Frax Ether. This token mirrors staked ETH within the Frax ecosystem, accumulating staking rewards from Frax Ether validators. Its avant-garde design, merging staking benefits with tokenized asset flexibility, positions it as a prized asset in any DeFi portfolio.

User-Centric Integration

Gravita’s integration journey with sfrxETH prioritizes user convenience. Whether you’re aiming to leverage assets, contribute to liquidity, or support the stability pool, Gravita’s platform offers a user-friendly interface complemented by comprehensive guidance.

Key Metrics:

  • Minting Cap: 1M GRAI
  • LTV Ceiling: 80%

The elevated Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio is a testament to Gravita’s confidence in sfrxETH’s stability and potential. Such an LTV ratio is coveted by borrowers, enabling substantial loans with minimal collateral or equivalent loans with a diminished liquidation threat. Gravita’s Stability Pool design is the linchpin behind this capital efficiency.

A Plethora of Advantages

This collaboration extends beyond a mere collateral option. Gravita has unfurled enticing incentives for the GRAI/FRAXBP pair on both Curve and Convex platforms. Users stand to reap multifaceted rewards: from sfrxETH’s staking yields to liquidity provision incentives on Curve and supplementary staking rewards on Convex.

Mint GRAI against sfrxETH here. Alternatively, deposit USDC or FRAX single-sidedly on our Curve Pool and amplify your rewards by staking on Convex.

Wrapping Up

The Frax and Gravita collaboration is a watershed moment in DeFi. It exemplifies the potential of strategic alliances in delivering enhanced financial tools to users. As DeFi continues its upward trajectory, such partnerships will be instrumental in sculpting its future.

For those keen to explore, mint GRAI against sfrxETH on Gravita’s platform. Or, immerse yourself in liquidity provision on Curve and augment your rewards on Convex.

Join us on this exhilarating odyssey and be an integral part of DeFi’s next innovation chapter!