Unveiling Gravita Ascend

Gravita Protocol
3 min readOct 16, 2023

In the vastness of the decentralized financial universe, there’s always a constellation waiting to be discovered, a new trajectory waiting to be set, and a mission waiting to be accomplished.

Gravita Ascend is our stellar compass guiding you through this enthralling journey.

Gravita Ascend: An Overview

Bridging the realms of conventional finance with the uncharted territories of DeFi, Gravita Ascend stands as a beacon for all enthusiastic spacefarers.

It’s not just a rewards program; it’s an experience, an adventure, and an invitation to chart unknown territories.

At its essence, Gravita Ascend is designed to award participants with “Marks” — a unique point system, for accomplishing specific, predetermined tasks.

But what makes these missions truly fascinating is their alignment with our broader vision: expanding the horizons of DeFi.

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Fairness in the Stars

Our journey, as exciting as it may sound, stands firmly on the grounds of fairness and authenticity. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards unfair play. Whether it’s bots, cheating, or multiple submissions, such discrepancies will be met with immediate disqualification.

Gravita Ascend: The Missions

Primary Missions:

In this first chapter every Primary Mission rewards you Marks depending on its size and duration, ensuring a fair distribution.

  • Maintain an Active Vessel: A continuous journey ensures a continuous inflow of Marks.
  • Stability Pool Contributions: Fuel our Stability Pool with $GRAI and see your Marks grow proportionately.
  • Engage in Liquidity Operations: Dive into designated Liquidity Pools with $GRAI.

Secondary Missions:

In this first chapter, secondary missions award Marks based on a “one off” event & amount, categorised in our interface. Missions include:

  • Launch a Vessel (counts only once)
  • Participate in our Galactic Galaxe Social Campaign.
  • Flaunt that unique POAP you hold from when we launched.

Honours (Coming Soon):

This is our ode to the trailblazers and pioneers — the Mission Control members who take a leap into the unknown, designing and leading groundbreaking missions.

Gravita Ascend: The Missions

Embarking on this journey is to be a part of something greater, to leave a mark in the DeFi universe.

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Risk Disclaimer

Gravita Ascend offers different tasks and challenges, but we urge all participants to approach this expedition with caution.

No Financial Advice: While Gravita Ascend is an engaging program, it doesn’t equate to financial advice. Engage, but always with due diligence and after conducting your research.

Security is Paramount: The cosmos of DeFi is not without its black holes. We’ve bolstered our defenses and security protocols, but we cannot vouch for absolute invulnerability. Engage at your own risk.

Product Integrity: Gravita Ascend is presented “as is”. We’ve poured our heart, soul, and code into it, but like all things in the vast expanse of space, it’s not free from imperfections.